81 – News – X-plus Malta Symposium, Salzburg

X-plus Malta Symposium, Salzburg


A brainstorming meeting on potential synergies and cooperation between the states of Malta and Salzburg 
19.10 2011,15:00 – 19:00, WKS Penthouse A

Introduction and objectives)
Welcome address from the Highest Representative present of Chamber of Commerce Salzburg, Representative of Malta Enterprise and Ambassador of Malta in Austria

Malta as Hub to the African market and as business Centre (general Industry/ Electric-electronics/ Chemical-plastic Industry) as Centre of Innovation and Education ..

Salzburg as Hub to Middle Europe, as business centre (General Industry/ Electric-electronics/ Chemical-plastic Industry/ Wood Industry, Tourism, Renewable Energies), as centre of Innovation, Culture and Education

Cultural Exchange and Cooperation of technical and medical Universities

Discussion Special Interest group and Summary and rough lay out of further actions

Salzburg & Malta Attendees:
KR Julius Schmalz – President Chamber of Commerce, President EconomyFederation Salzburg,  Dr. Peter Unterkofler; CEO Jakoby (Pharmaceutical Industry); Vice-president Industrial Federation; Vice-president Industrial Federation – Salzburg,  Dr. Christian Möller; CEO Section Foreign Trade (Chamber of Commerce), Dr. Michael Berger; Austrian Trade Delegate for Malta,  Dr. Leo Bauernberger; CEO Salzburg Tourism Authority GmbH, Mag. Christian Prucher; CEO of ITG Salzburg; Innovation- and Technology Transfer, Christian Dietrichsteiner; CEO LaVie Production and Distribution (Dietary Supplements and Research),Dr. Ferdinand Wegscheider; Program Director TV; Media – Film und Television of Jedermann TV,  Prof. Nicola Hüsing;Technical University,  Mag. Anton Santner; P8 – Hofherr Communications, Mag. MBA Roland Haslauer; CEO GFB & Partner Business/Investment/Green Solution Consultancy; Alternative Energy,  Mag. Nick Kraguljac; CEO Klepsch-Corporation (Plastic Industry); Chairman of Chemical Association of Chamber of Commerce; Board Member Industrial Federation Salzburg,  Dr. Clemens Werndl; CEO Hypo Bank Salzburg, Stephan Ohms / Svjetlana Vulin;X-plus-Management GmbH, Salzburg